Friday, July 1, 2011

A Tour Of My Home

So happy you stopped by to visit!
Come on in and I will give you a tour of my home.
We have lived in our home for over 2 years and the entire house was painted this gold color.  It's not that I don't like it, but there was just too much of it!

My sons painted the bedrooms and bathrooms before we moved in, but the rest of the house was left this gold color, because we couldn't come up with a color we wanted.  We looked and looked and looked at paint colors and finally....came up with "almond oil" and "cabin red". I wasn't too sure about the red, but Mr T...well, he said it will look good. I have never met a man that wanted so much input on how a home was decorated! But, he is  and he comes up with some good ideas!! Gotta Love Him!!! I do!
Ok, here is a glimpse of the new color.

It is much darker. At the end of the hallway is a closet that was our pantry. I really wanted a pantry that was closer to the me and all my wisdom..(smile) decided to turn that closet into a partial coat closet and partial shelves to hold bathroom items, etc. The other closet, it became our pantry and it is near the kitchen! Yea!

See the door...the one that says pantry? I really wanted to cut some vinyl on my cricut machine what better way than to dress up this door. I am not sure it will stay there, but for the time being, when my kids come over to cook (smile) they will know that the pantry is in another location.

See the shelves on the wall? I saw these when surfing the internet and thought I had to have some too!

My son Shayne came over and made these for me. Was really easy to make with some 1x4's and a 1x2. He made a decorative edge with the router on the front edge. These pictures are the unfinished project. they are painted! Now you have to keep in mind....we are not professionals.

Here is the hallway finished.

That is our entryway in the background there...and....

here...and my son, Shayne, (who is sitting way up on top of the  ladder and me being mom....was worried the whole time he was up there, that he would fall) who did a lot of work...along with my daughter, Alicia. I had a vision of what I wanted...or at least of what I thought I wanted....I just am not able to do a lot of the things I used to my children came to help me...or should I say I helped them!

Here is the entry way after it was painted (am still trying to decide what to do with the door)...and Shayne made the shelves with the coat hooks underneath so we could hang our coats up inside the door, since I used part of the coat closet in the hallway for shelves.

This shelf, I made awhile back to store lids that go to my dishes in. I had turned it the opposite way and it sat on my counter (it was painted black). I put wallpaper on the inside and outside, put a board underneath and more coat hooks, so when guests come by, they now have a place to hang their coats.

This is what It looked like before I wallpapered it...I painted it with leftover almond oil paint. I didn't like it, so then came the wallpaper.

Here is the front view...and

And a side view.
Update on the above shelves...changed them again...didn't like the above after all said and done.

So here is the new shelf with cloth baskets to put things in. I am going to put my childrens names on them. Sometimes I have things for them to take with them (things I am giving to them, things they have left at my house, etc), so now there is a place to put those things. 

Here is our fireplace wall before

And after, before it was painted. My son, Shayne built a mantel behind the stove.

  After it was painted.

  This is our south facing wall, before.

  And our south facing wall, after.

Our dining room wall and slider door, before

Dining room wall, after..had to add some more vinyl art, silverware.

      Sliding glass door, after.

 Living room wall and window, before

       Living room wall and window, after

Next time I will show you a different room....gotta keep going!
Thank you for stopping by!
Mrs T
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