About Me

I Originally Created This Blog To Enter A Contest. I Didn’t Win The Contest But Decided I Would Continue On With The Blog. I Had Thought About Writing A Blog Many Times, But As I Seem To Say Quite Often “I Haven’t Gotten That Far”.  So Here I Am Now. Hope You Enjoy My Blog And Come Back To Visit Often.
I Am A Wife, Mother And Grandmother. My Husband And I Have 2 Dogs, A Beagle Named Dudley And Basset Hound Named Suzie And A Cat Named Charlie (Female) Who Showed Up At Our Home And Adopted My Husband And I. Update: We lost our beloved Dudley who crossed Rainbow Bridge in October of 2014. We miss him terribly!! We have since adopted Chloe who is a beagle and Sarge who is beagle and we believe another mix of something, just don't know what. Sometimes I can't help myself when animals need someone to look out for them! If my husband and I could handle it, we would have many dogs! Now we have 3 dogs, and a cat.  We Just Built A Chicken Coop And Have Adopted 2 Chickens From A Craigslist Ad (I Love Craigslist!) Update: We gave away our chickens as I just couldn't care for them any longer. We gave them to a girl who wanted them for her 4H project, so I think they got a good home. I Have Found Many Free Projects Through Craigslist. :)
I Love Making New Friends Through The World Wide Web. I Live In Washington State, (Actually On The Border Of Washington And Idaho)
My Hobbies Include Many Different Kinds Of Crafts, Sewing, Scrapbooking, Macramé, Polymer Clay, Jewelry Making, Decorating, Woodworking, Gardening And Learning New Things. 
I Have Been Sewing Since I Was About 8 Years Old. I Used To Stand Over My Mother And Watch Her Sew And One Day She Turned The Machine Over To Me, (I Think She Got Tired Of Me Standing There Watching Her). I Have Been Sewing Ever Since, As Well As Doing Many Other Different Kinds Of Crafts.
I Also Enjoy Reading Blogs, Especially About Different Types Of Crafts And Decorating.  
I Am A Big Fan Of Gonzaga Men’s Basketball...When I Say A Big Fan, I Mean That I Never Miss A Game That Is Televised. I Have Never Gotten To Watch A Game In Person. :(  I Also Enjoy Watching My Husband And Sons Race Cars For A Hobby, However, Am Only Able To See Them On Videos Taken At The Track Now. 
I Have Some Health Conditions That Have Prevented Me From Returning To Work Since October Of 2010. I Don’t Venture Too Far From Home Or My Yard Except For Doctor Appointments. I Take One Day At A Time, Some Days Are Better Than Others So I Will Post As Often As I Can. 
It Takes Me A Longer Than It Used To, To Do Things And Complete Projects And They Don't Always Turn Out Like I Envisioned Them, But Hey, At Least I Made An Attempt!! 
I Am Usually A Woman Of Few Words And Am Not Great At Writing (Even Though English Was My Favorite Subject In School ) But I Am Going To Do My Best And Maybe I Will Get Better. 
If There Is Anything Else You Would Like To Know, Please Ask.

Thanks for visiting! Have a great day! Mrs. T


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