Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Craigslist Find

I tend to look on Craigslist, Freecycle and sometimes down the street for things that I can use in some way or another. I love to re-make, re-cycle and create. When I find something I want, I ask my husband or one of my sons (or sometimes one of my daughters)  if they will pick it up for me. Their usual question is  "What do you need that for?"  You would think by now that they would quit asking me that!
I found this desk and my husband took me to get it, sight unseen. I usually never get anything that I don't see a picture of first, especially since we went about 50 miles round trip. I usually don't leave my house or at least not my yard, but I needed to get out, so it was well worth it for me.
This is a picture of the before condition. The top had writing on it and the paint was peeling off. I picked it up from a man that said he used it when he was in grade am thinking that it is probably about 30 or more years old.

The back right side leg was also broken (didn't get a picture of it), but I made a pattern from another piece on the desk and cut a new one. I then glued it on and put some screws in to hold it on.
The drawer knobs were either falling off or were loose. I removed the knobs and sanded the drawers and desk. I sprayed primer on it and repainted it blue with black knobs. I sent my husband to get the paint and thought it did a good job of picking the color.


And here is another one.

What a difference some sanding and a coat of paint will do! I have to say that I really love how it turned out!
I am entering this project in Crafting with the Stars. Please go check it out!

Thanks for Visiting and Come Back Soon!
Mrs T

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