Thursday, June 9, 2011

DayZero and Charlie

I  know I haven't posted for just seems to get in the way or I get sidetracked with other blogs. I have found so many interesting blogs that I enjoy reading, and one blog leads to another and so on.
I found this website while surfing the internet called DayZero, 101 things to do in 1001 days. Seems like I live by lists now days, so what is one more. :)  Website is here: if you want to make a list for yourself.
Here is part of my list:
1  Write a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days! (Am still working on this.)

2  Write a list of things that make me happy

4  Go one month without eating fast food

5  Eat no sweets for a week

6  Make a list of all family and friends Birthdays and Anniversaries

7  Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over

8  Take one photo a day for a month

9  Open an Etsy or other online account to sell things I make

10 Finish quilt that has been put away for years

11 Donate to Locks of Love again

12 Inspire someone to make a 101/1001 list

13 Pay it Forward

14 Try a new recipe every week for 3 months

15 Make a family cookbook

16 Redecorate guest bedroom

19 Do something fun with the deck around the pool: paint, stencil or ?

20 Build a playhouse for the grandchildren (hopefully my kids will help me or I can help them)

21 Post on my blog at least 3 times a week

22 Build a birdhouse

23 Make and bury a time capsule

24 Declutter my house

25 Eat dinner by candlelight

26 Make a piece of clothing for myself  (done)

27 Create an inspiration board

28 Take a trip to Pennsylvania

30 Go on a road trip with my husband

31 Write on 20 creative writing prompts.

32 Have a picinc

33 Surprise someone with an unexpected gift

34 Eliminate all clothing that does not currently fit

35 Remake at least 10 pieces of clothing

36 Learn 25 new words

37 Back up all digital photos

38 Clean out my inbox

39 Go on a road trip with no preset destination in mind

40 Design a website

41 Adopt a stray pet. This wasn't on my list but added to it when a stray cat came along and we adopted each other...(Done)

43 Have a sleepover with my grandchildren

44 Make a wish at 11:11 on November 11, 2011

45 Plant sunflowers

46 Make birthday cards for children and grandchildren

47 Write a will

48 Spring clean and donate or chuck out

49 Take a photo of a place through all four seasons (2 done)

50 Travel somewhere by train

51 Take a picture of myself for every 10 lbs lost

53 Find something positive about each day

54 Organize and decorate exercise room

55 Have a date night with my husband at least every other week

56 Design a tattoo

This list is not in any particular order and I am still working on the rest of the 101 things to complete.

Item # 41...Okay, now about the cat..He, (I think it is a he) came to our house and was here for a few weeks..I thought he was the neighbors cat, but found out he wasn't. I checked out some places, like craigslist, etc and nobody seems to have lost him. My neighbor had been watching him and told me he has adopted me. He was so skinny, you could see his bones. She bought food and brought over for him as she didn't think dog food was good for him. ha (I fed him dog food, as I have two dogs and at that time no cats). I figured it was better than nothing and he was hungry! I asked my husband (who is not a cat lover) to bring one of the dog houses out front to the deck, I put a blanket in it and the cats food and water. He now has a home and we have adopted each other.  Meet Charlie!!

 Now, how could you not Love this cat!!

Update on Charlie...I have been told that Charlie is a SHE...but her name is still going to be Charlie!!

Thanks for Visiting and Come Back Soon!
Mrs T


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