Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scored With Yet Another Craigslist Find

Mrs. T Here, Time Just Seems To Get Away From Me. Now That The Cold Weather Is Coming Our Way, I May Get More Blogging Done...Hopefully.
My Family And I Had So Many Projects Going On Over The Summer, Some Rather Big. We Didn't Get Them All Completed But Came Very Close.
I Am Going To Tell You About One, Maybe Two Of The Projects, But First I Want To Show You Some Of The Flowers From My Yard. 

Here Are My Peonies And Some Of My Roses
And Some More Of My Roses And Some Other Flowers (I Forgot The Name Of Them).   Several Of My Rosebushes Are Still In Bloom  And Look So Pretty.

And Here Are My Dianthus And My Tree (Can't Remember The Name
Of It Either) Don't You Just Love It When My Memory Fails? Flowers?
I Really Love Flowers And Have Them In Many Areas Of My Yard.

Now On To The Project Or Two...Take A Look At This Picture?
And This One?

There Was An Ad On Craigslist For A 10' X 12' Greenhouse And A Shed/Chicken Coop For Free. Yes I Said Free! The Only Condition Was That The Person Who Got Them Had To Take Them Down. Well, With All My Wisdom, Yes I Said "My Wisdom"...My Family Might Think Otherwise...    I Emailed The Person And He Called Me And Told Me If I Would Take Them Both, I Could Have Them. Of Course I Wanted Them Both!...I Had Been Wanting To Get Some Chickens And Had Always Wanted A Greenhouse. And I Love To Recycle/Up-Cycle So Things Stay Out Of The Landfills.
I Called My Youngest Son, Shayne, And He And I Went To The Location And Took Down The Greenhouse. He Did Almost All Of The Work..I Supervised..

Here Is A Picture Of It In The Process Of Being Put Up On Our Property. 

Here It Is All Finished. There Were Several Hands Putting This Up, Thanks To My Sons, Shayne And Cameron And My Son-In-Law Tom And My Wonderful Husband Who Tolerates All The Projects I Keep Coming Up With!


Inside The Greenhouse Were Some Great Cedar Potting Benches That Go All The Way Around The Greenhouse In A U Shape...He Gave Those To Me As Well. I Also Received A Garden Cart From The Man and His Wife. I Don't Have A Picture Of It Right Now, But Am Planning On Sanding It Down And Repainting It Next Summer.

I Have Some Green Peppers And Tomatoes In The Green House Right Now.

This Is My Garden Area...I Call It My Secret Garden.   It Is A Work In Progress. The Greenhouse Sits Across From My Garden Shed Now. When We Moved Into Our Home In March Of 2009, This Area Was Covered In Really High Weeds. We Planted Grass And Have Been Working On It Each Summer. I Have Planted Blueberry And Raspberry Bushes, Along With Strawberries And Rhubarb. I Plant Vegetables Each Year Too. I Also Have Mint Planted Along One Side Of The Garden Shed And Also Have Some Flowers Planted In Various Places. We Have A Pear Tree In Our Backyard, And Have Planted 2 Cherry Trees, A Peach Tree And An Apple Tree. I Ran Over The Apple Tree With A Cart That I Was Pulling Behind Our Riding Lawnmower, So No More Apple Tree.

Here Is My Turtle Bench. I Collect Turtles And My Oldest Son, Eli Got This For Me As A Gift.

  Here Are Some Radishes, Green Peppers And Strawberries (Don't they look delicious?) From My Garden. I Evidently Didn’t Take Pictures Of My Other Vegetables. Do You Have A Garden? What Do You Plant? Since I Have Never Had A Greenhouse, Do You Have Any Pointers For Me On How To Get The Best Use Out Of  It?

I Will Be Back Tomorrow To Tell You About The Shed/Chicken Coop.

Have a great day!
Mrs T



Mi said... Best Blogger Tips

Your garden is awesome, I was totally speechless as I went through all the pictures :) I'm afraid I am hopeless giving any advice cos I kill even cactus *sigh* so I'll just be your secret admirer :)

sgheartswaps (SwapBot)

Adorably Dead said... Best Blogger Tips

Such beautiful flowers, I could almost smell them through the computer. ^_^

A Visit With Mrs T said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the compliment Mi! I do love flowers and gardening as much as I am able to do.

A Visit With Mrs T said... Best Blogger Tips

@Adorably Dead
Thank you! I would love to send you some but I'm afraid they wouldn't last the trip!

Ingrid said... Best Blogger Tips

That is an awesome bench.
JustIngrid - swapbot

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