Friday, October 28, 2011

The Shed/Chicken Coop

Remember This Picture From Yesterday?

This Shed/Chicken Coop Has Been Recycled Into 2 Projects. Remember I Said I Have Been Wanting Chickens?

We Have This Small Deck In Our Backyard And My Husband Suggested We Build A Chicken Coop On It.

My Son Picked Up Some Pallets And We Used Some Of Them For The Walls Of The Chicken Coop. Not Very Professional, But It Worked, And It Really Is Sturdy!


We Used Some Of The Wood For The Additions To The Inside Of The Coop. There Are 14 Slots For Chickens To Lay Eggs; They Came With The Shed/Chicken Coop.

We Used The Metal Roofing From The Shed/Chicken Coop For The Roof And The Sides Of Our Chicken Coop. We Had Fencing Left From Another Project That We Used To Put Around The Chicken Coop.  We Are Planning To Let Them Out At Times To Roam The Yard.

Above Picture Is Charlie Our Cat, She Is Waiting To See The Chickens For The First Time. Here Are Dudley And Suzie Letting Them Know They Want Them To Come Out And Play!

And Here They Are….Meet Salt And Peppa!!

I Was Thinking About The Names Molly And Henrietta, But My Husband Wanted Their Names To Be Salt And Peppa. He Runs Around And Picks Up All My Recycling/Upcycling Projects And Our Chickens So I Thought He Should Have His Way! And The Names Fit, Don’t You Think!!

We Got Our Chickens For Free On Craigslist. The Woman Also Gave Us A Heated Water Dish, A Heat Lamp And Some Chicken Feed. She Was Going To Give Us A Smaller Chicken Coop Too, But My Husband And Son Couldn’t Lift It, So It Was Left Behind. I Had Told My Son Earlier That I Wanted It So I Could Get A Rooster And Then I Could Put A Hen With It And Hopefully We Could Have Baby Chicks. My Husband Told Me I Couldn’t Have A Rooster. (Do You Think That He Just Told Me They Couldn't Lift It So That So I Wouldn’t Get One? :) lol)  The Woman He Got The Chickens From Said The Chickens Seldom Lay Eggs…Well It Has Been A Couple Of Weeks And Still No Eggs, So Am Thinking They May Be Done With The Laying Days. That Is Ok Though, We Just Wanted To See How Raising Chickens Was Going To Be, How Our Dogs And Cat Would React To Having Them Around And How We Do With Them Over The Winter. If All Goes Well, We Will Get Some Chicks Come March. Unless Of Course, If Anyone Has Any Extra Chickens That Lay Eggs And They Want To Get Rid Of Them, I Will Gladly Take Them Off Your Hands If You Live Close By. I Think I Should Have Been Raised On A Farm!!
I’ll Be Back Soon To Tell You About The Other Project That We Built With The Recycled Shed/Chicken Coop. 

Thanks For Visiting! Have A Great Day!
Mrs. T


Ingrid said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like you do quite well using Craigslist. And you obviously have an cooperative husband mine would just shake his head in wonderment and then discreetly be very busy until the jobs were done.

A Visit With Mrs T said... Best Blogger Tips


Sometimes a person can find some nice items on Craigslist. Some people think their things are junk or they just don't want to bother or have the time to fix the things up. In the case of the greenhouse and shed/chicken coop, the man just wanted them out of the way as they were blocking an area he needed to get to. He said he didn't need the money so he was giving them away. There are many items I wanted but someone else got to them first.
My husband isn't always cooperative...many times he has asked me "What do you need that for?" and there are times he wouldn't go pick up something for me, said we didn't have the room for it. I still have a chair and dresser taking up "his" garage space. :)

Bead Lightning Jewelry said... Best Blogger Tips

I want chickens!! its one of my dreams to have a yard with chickens and goats

Greetings from Azhuresjewels at swap-bot

A Visit With Mrs T said... Best Blogger Tips

@Bead Lightning Jewelry
Thank you for stopping by!
I would like to have a goat or two also, but my husband has said no. Our neighbors have 2 goats and I love watching them play!

Paula said... Best Blogger Tips

Your coop looks great! I wish we had more recycled materials but the best we had was that our nesting boxes were made partially out of our sons' old bunkbeds. :-) Great job!

~Paula-Riverton Housewives

A Visit With Mrs T said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for stopping by!
I find all of our recycling projects on Freecycle or Craigslist, under free of course (I think they should sponser me for the free adverstising...haha). Sometimes recycling can be work, like with the chicken coop/ husband and sons had to tear it down and bring it home. It was worth it though. I will put the other project with made with the rest of the wood from it on here soon...I think it turned out the best.

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