Tuesday, January 8, 2013

List of 101 things to do in 1001 days! Update!

I went back and looked at my list or 101 things to do in 1001 days.  I did accomplish a few things but never finished the list and don’t expect to.   I will try to accomplish some more of the things I listed though.
These are the things I have completed and I am actually proud that I got these things done. Smile 
6  Make a list of all family and friends Birthdays and Anniversaries  - I just actually finished this a couple of days ago on a web calendar that will send me reminders. Technology can be good! Smile 
8  Take one photo a day for a month  - That wasn’t too hard as I photographed our animals, the weather, flowers, family, items I made, etc..
9  Open an Etsy or other online account to sell things I make . -  I opened an account with  Meylah back in March of 2012.  I had 4 items left on my site and none sold, so today I took the items down and may look into Etsy.
13 Pay it Forward  - That is my secret!  Wish everyone would pay it forward and this world would be such a nicer place to live in.  A few years ago I was at the coffee stand getting coffee and when I went to pay for it, the girl told me that the person before me bought my coffee and to just pay it forward.  That was one of the nicest things someone has done who didn’t even know me. It made me feel good and when I pay it forward it makes me feel good too!   Have you watched the movie, “Pay It Forward”? It came out in 2000 . “In this gentle drama from director Mimi Leder, young Trevor McKinney (Haley Joel Osment) responds to a school assignment with a plan to help three people who will, in turn, help three more, and so on, in an ever-widening circle. But Trevor touches more people than he expected, including his abused mother (Helen Hunt), his physically and emotionally scarred teacher (Kevin Spacey) and a journalist (Jay Mohr) who's investigating the plan.” If you haven’t seen it, it is worth watching!!
20 Build a playhouse for the grandchildren (hopefully my kids will help me or I can help them) ha-ha - The playhouse is done, has been done for quite awhile. I still am going to try to get a post done on it. I am really happy with how it turned out. My sons, son in law and husband all had a hand in building it.
33 Surprise someone with an unexpected gift. – I actually made a scarf for our post lady. She always looked so cold when she was delivering the mail. I decided one day to make a scarf and surprise her with it when she opened the mail box. She left a note in the mail box thanking me and telling me she loved it. That made my day!
49 Take a photo of a place through all four seasons. - I took photos of our pear tree through all 4 seasons. May have to post pictures of those soon.
43 Have a sleepover with my grandchildren. – Had a sleepover with 3 of our grandsons, ages 3, 9 and 12 years.  I always look forward to seeing them!! The 3 year old has lots of energy and it didn’t take long before he wore me out. It was a good thing Papa  (grandpa) was here to help!  Papa took him  with him to the garbage dump so he could see the trucks.  He loves garbage trucks and buses.
53 Find something positive about each day. –  There is always something that is positive about each day even if I am having a bad day. I am just thankful to wake up each day.  Thankful for my husband  as he is wonderful and is always there for me!  Thankful for our children and grandchildren,  they are my world! Thankful for Dudley, Suzie and Charlie, our animals that keep me company during the day. (UPDATE: Our wonderful dog Dudley crossed rainbow bridge on October 28, 2015. We miss him so very much! He was like one of our children.)  Thankful when I can get out of bed, when I have better days than others and can get things accomplished.  I could go on and on. I have learned and am still learning to adjust to a lot of things and  am learning to look at the good and think positive.
There is one other thing that I didn’t have on my list because I never thought I would do it.   We have a pear tree that gets lots of pears on it and last year I froze some of them.  We gave lots away too. A couple of the gals we gave them to came back this year for more. They told me how to can them an easy way.  My dear husband went out a purchased a canning setup and helped me peal lots of pears as well as some apples my friend/neighbor gave to us.  We canned them!!
We used frozen apple juice that we made as directed on can.  After sterilizing the jars, we put pears and apples in separate jars, added apple juice and added cinnamon sticks to some of the jars. We put them in a hot bath of water in the canner and left them there as directed.  I was so excited when I heard the noise they made as they were sealing.  Rolling on the floor laughing Everyone of them sealed and they are so good!  If only I had known how easy it was many years ago, we would have had more home canned food.  I think this was one of my greatest accomplishments !!  If you have never tried canning because you were worried about the outcome, you may want to try it. I may try canning something else now…would love to do tomatoes but that is another big step for me as I don’t think they would be as easy.
This is what I accomplished in 2011. Did you make a list or have you made a list for the New Year of things you accomplished or would like to accomplish?  Do you have a bucket list? I have still yet to make one of those…ha-ha  I do have an ongoing list of things I would like to do, mostly consists of sewing or craft things. I just keep adding to it , so I am sure it will never all get done. I would love to hear about your accomplishments and lists!
Have a great day!
Mrs. T


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