Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Pears Wasted Here!

We Have A Large Pear Tree In Our Backyard And I Didn't Want The Pears To Go To Waste, (Or My Dogs Eating All Of Them). As You Can See Suzie Is There In The First Picture Eating A Pear. She And Dudley Like The Pears Too Much! I Even Caught Them Getting Into A Bag Of Them  That I Had Sat On The Floor To Give To One Of Our Children.  I Guess They Wanted A Snack! I Really Like Pears Too And Wanted Some Way To Preserve Them.

I Have Never Learned How To Can And I Don't Have A Dehydrator, But I Found Out That I Could Actually Freeze Pears.

Want To Know How?

Wash And Peel Pears, Cut Them In Half Or Quarters And Core.

Add 1/2 Teaspoon Ascorbic Acid (I Used "Fruit Fresh") Per Quart To Avoid Discoloration (Optional). Seal And Freeze.  Oh, And Make Sure You Write "Pears" And The Date On Them. If You Are Anything Like Me (You Probably Aren't) You Will Forget What Is In The Package Or How Long It Has Been In The Freezer.

I Pealed And Pealed And Pealed And In The End I Froze About 20 Packages Of Pears. I Used My Seal A Meal And It Worked Great!!
I Had So Many Pears And I Really Didn't Want To Peal A Ton More (My Arm Was Getting A Little Tired). Some Of My Children Had Already Taken Some And Another One Took Two Boxes Of Them.  A Couple Of Ladies Came To Pick Up The Leftover Wood From This Project  Http://Avisitwithmrst.Blogspot.Com/2011/10/Shedchicken-Coop.Html  That I Had Posted On Craigslist.  I Gave Them Some Too! No Pears Wasted Here!!

Thanks for visiting! Have a great day!
Mrs. T


Adorably Dead said... Best Blogger Tips

That's awesome. I want fruit day. :p Freezing is such a great way to preserve things. You should make..a pear pie. ^_^ Like an apple pie, but with pears, lol. I wonder if you could actually do that.

A Visit With Mrs T said... Best Blogger Tips

@Adorably Dead
I am thinking that maybe you could make a pear pie, not sure...may have to search the internet to find out. :)
We also have 2 cherry trees and a peach tree. They are still small, we planted them last year along with our apple tree. I ran over our apple tree with a trailer I was towing with our lawn more. (Whoops) I told my husband we have to get another one now.

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